Photo Gallery

Convicted killers Crystal Sturgill, Natasha Cornett and Karen Howell

Convicted killer Joe Risner

Convicted killer Jason Bryant

Dr. Smith and crew interviewing Madonna, mother of Natasha Cornett

Director Roman Karpynec with Mark Gaby, who heard the murders taking place

Roman Karpynec working on the film

Brandon Ward, producer

Glenn Reynolds, creative consultant, hard at work

Glenn Reynolds working on sound

Jeffrey L. Shannon, Personal Protection Specialist, helping us capture the sound of gunfire

Pikeville, Kentucky, the home of the six killers of the Lillelid Family

The Colley Motel-where it all started

Natasha and Karen kissing

The Virginia State Trooper who gave the teens a speeding ticket in Gate City, Virginia

The Lillelid Family

Vidar Lillelid in his van, in happier times

Dr. Smith interviewing two of the killers

Testing the convicted killers

Tiffany & Tonya

Dr. Smith working on the film

Dr. Smith working on the film

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