Film Credits

Production Credits:

    Dr. Helen Smith--Executive Producer and Writer
    Roman Karpynec--Director
    Brandon Ward--Producer
    Glenn Reynolds--Creative Consultant
    Jeffrey L. Shannon--Personal Protection Specialist

Principal Cast:

    Six Young Killers include:
    Natasha Wallen Cornett
    Karen Renea Howell
    Crystal Renea Sturgill
    Joseph L. Risner
    Jason Blake Bryant
    Edward Dean Mullins

    Victims include:
    Vidar Lillelid--Father and victim of killers
    Delfina  Lillelid--Mother and Victim of Killers
    Tabitha Lillelid--Daughter (age 6) and victim of Killers
    Peter Lillelid--Son (age 2) and Victim of killers

    Madonna Wallen--mother of Natasha Cornett
    Roger Burgess--father of Natasha Cornett
    Charles Berkeley Bell--Prosecutor
    Dr. F. Stanley Lusby--Professor Emeritus of Religious Studies
    Troy Love--Jehovah's Witness and friend of the Lillelids
    Knox County Juvenile Court
    Pikeville High School
    Stephen Owens--Attorney for Dean Mullins
    Tiffany Caudill--Friend
    Tonya White--Friend
    Mark Gaby--Construction worker, heard murders taking place
    Trooper A. R. Adkins--Virginia State Trooper
    Dr. Lowell Gardner--Social Psychologist
    Dr. Leonard Miller--Clinical Forensic Psychologist
    WATE-TV, Knoxville

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in association with Sublunar Productions
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